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Two essential tracks from Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath, fully licensed and available for the first time on 7” on Umbrella Vinyl.


Chris McGregor and his groups the Blue Notes and The Brotherhood of Breath had an immeasurable impact on British and European jazz of the 60s and 70s.

During their formative years in South Africa, the Blue Notes found it impossible to operate as a mixed-race band under the country’s increasingly oppressive apartheid regime. After stints in France and Austria the group eventually arrived in London in 1965. They found a home at Ronnie Scott’s ‘old place’ on Gerrard St, which in the late 60s became a haven for London’s younger and freer generation of jazz talent.


The Blue Notes made an immediate impact in London, their unique music and energy were irresistible, but despite this initial enthusiasm the group drifted apart. Subsequently, a who’s who of London’s underground jazz scene joined the remaining members of the Blue Notes to form The Brotherhood of Breath.

Both tracks on this disc are penned by Dudu Pukwana and are taken from the Brotherhood’s 1971 debut album. This is their first appearance on 7”.


Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath 7"

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